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Easy Date Night Attire

As a wives, mothers, career women, and everything else we are it’s a struggle keeping up with the to do list and going on dates. In between the homework and housework we need to reconnect with our husbands. Many of us keep it simple and talk every night after the kids are in bed and electronics are turned off.
Some fabulous women are able to handle all of her mommy, career duties and have a date night. In our home we have a date night every month. I’d love to go out every weekend but it’s not realistic. After I’ve contacted clients, cooked dinner, assisted with homework, handled chores, hit the gym, and checked over five hundred emails I’m pretty beat by 7pm. On the weekends it’s rougher with games and track meets for our children.
So after all of that the last thing often on a mommy’s mind is date night attire. I know myself for one after a long day I want to be as comfortable as possible. So when date night rolls around my go to item is a T-shirt.
Yes! A t-shirt. I have a slight obsession with t-shirts and heels. It’s so easy to grab a graphic tee, bottoms, heels, and jacket. It takes a basic look from drab to fab.
Grab a graphic tee, some distressed denim or faux leather pants and a jacket. You’ll look great and feel comfortable at the same time.
Your husband’s eye candy to him and comfy wife for yourself. Looking chic and feeling confident. Try it and share your photos with the Glam Wives team.