Every morning during the month of July I posted a word and it’s definition. The purpose was to define “The Queen I Am.” It was all leading up to my August tribute to women who’ve inspired me this year to complete a project. My plan was to release the project today.

However it’s not whole and I don’t like to speak on things until they’re as close to perfect as possible. Even though my project didn’t drop I’m still moving forward with my tribute. I have a feeling once I’m done my project will be birthed.

So “The Queen I Am” is transcending, eccentric, a feminist,
faithful, divergent, virtuous, qualified,
candid, liberated, magnanimous, imperfect, witty, forbearing, humble,
organized, a woman of integrity,
valiant, unabashed, diligent, impregnable, encouraging, a creative director, grateful, capable, creative,
resilient, dominant, a philanthropist, prosperous, self empowered, and developing. 👑

#pressingon #chasingpurpose