How do you define yourself? If someone asked that question what would be the first thing that popped in your mind? Some have told me they are what God sees and calls them to be. Although I think that’s beautiful that still doesn’t answer the question.

If you say whatever God sees that’s awesome. I’d still like to know what do you see daily? No matter how rough the day was or what someone may have done to you. No matter how beautiful life is or how in love you are. What are you? What do you think about you?

Many people may say oh Erica’s a diva, a mother, Raymone’s wife, a positive person, she’s hard to read, she’s strong. Some might even say I’m high maintenance, flashy, and some things that I’d rather not post on my blog.

From July 1st through today I posted on my Facebook page a definition of what I saw in myself. All positivity not one negative thing about myself was highlighted. It’s easy to say all the bad things about yourself.  I’d like to know what is something positive you see in yourself?

August 1st starts a new challenge called “The Queen I Am” I have selected 31 women who inspire me daily to define themselves. I’m hoping it is as awesome as the 31 days of positive marriage affirmations. Only time will tell. Stay Tuned…….