When I was a little girl my grandmother would wake me up and send me downstairs to get dressed for school. She’d go in her bathroom and stay there for about an hour reading her bible. When she came down to make sure I was dressed properly she was always smiling prepared for the day.

Every day I had to eat a banana or an apple, then she’d grab her coco butter and put it on the tip of her thumbs. She’d put it on my eyebrows, laying down each hair, and she’d ask “are you aware you’re a queen?”

I realized this morning that is still my morning routine. I go in the bathroom, read my bible, brush my teeth, wash my face and say Queen you can handle this day. Once I come out I grab a banana. With my girls I always say “hey my beautiful princess, do you know I love you?” With Jada I tell her to say good morning Goddess to herself (she doesn’t like princess). I do the same with our boys calling them princes. They look me in my eyes and they must hold their heads high. I speak positively to them because I know the world is waiting to break them down. It all started with my QueenDiva Lorraine. 👑

Whatever you speak into your children will come to pass. If all they hear is negative comments and witness negative things they’ll believe it’s okay. Talk to them about life and all it’s unlimited potential.