Who really has time to workout? We all have meetings to attend, families to maintain, careers to handle, and so much more. No wants to give up extra hours of sleep or their Thursday night tv.

Only a few people I know really enjoy working out. That is until a thin 20 something year old walks by. Or the moment you’re shopping and the size 10 you wear has turned into a size 14. You think to yourself “I can just diet to lose a few pounds.” However one can only eat so many salads before they break and turn back to cheeseburgers.

So if you’re tired of buying a size up, wearing a gridle, or hiding away at home. Get serious! Be honest with yourself about what you want. Work for it. Walk to get lunch instead of driving, eat healthier choices, and drink water. My issue has always been CHOCOLATE. I love it but I hate when I can’t zip my dress up without jumping around and sucking the life out me. I figure the time I spend scrolling on Facebook and checking spam emails I could be working on something more important.

Today the twenty minutes I normally spend checking Facebook and Instagram I worked out. My focus area today was my tummy. I repeated this workout three times. If you do this don’t forget to drink water and stretch. Takes 15-30 minutes depending on how many times you do this.

20 Mountain Climbers  20 Squat Thrust

20 Crunches       20 Bicycle Crunches

20 walking twist