Several things……
1. Your attitude determines your altitude.

If you walk around with a defeated attitude, the universe is going give you just that. Be positive and see the great in the midst of problems.
2. Treat people how you’d like to be treated.

You can expect to be respected if you’re down right nasty to others. Learn to be gentle and patient with people.
3. You can’t do business with everyone.

All money isn’t good money. Think it over before you agree to taking on a task. Some people have the means to pay for your services and will give you the biggest headache. Then you have people who’ve budgeted to the penny and are the sweetest.
4. Everyone isn’t happy for you.

If you’re succeeding in several areas of your life, and someone else isn’t, they very well be waiting for you to fail. Remember you aren’t working on your dream to please others. You’re doing this for your legacy.
5. Be humble and confident.

We all have a starting point so always remain humble and carry your confidence with you. No need to be down right arrogant because life tends to knock you back off your high horse. Just don’t be a push over!