So you have your vision, you start working on your goals, and nothing’s happening the way you expect it. You start to wonder if this is really going to work. Before you allow doubt and fear to creep in. Stop yourself! Go over the things you’ve written down and ask yourself this “am I doing everything possible to make this work” How much time on a daily basis do you spend working on your goal? Are you doing the same old things? Are you speaking positively about your goals? Are you spending money elsewhere on material things that could further your plans? Are you giving your goals 100 percent? If you aren’t speaking positively, unwilling to give a hundred percent, spending money on unnecessary things, and doing things the old way. You expect to FAIL! Stop complaining and work! Stop doubting and press forward! Stop giving excuses to yourself and watching others live your dream! You won’t have anything unless you’re willing to work your ass off for it.