As much as I hate to have someone copy exactly what I do, I’ve chosen to share my ideas. Hopefully it’ll inspire other women to “Create My Space”
My inspirations are Dorothy Dandridge, Ruby Dee, Tina Turner, Debbie Allen, and Co Co Chanel. (That’s why they’re on my table) To me they are the epitome of strength, courage, and elegance. So I decided to add them to my personal “Create My Space” project.
1. Revamp/organize your closet.
(Give some stuff away to receive greater) image image image image image
2. Make a vision board, Hang it up!
(Write the vision make it plain)
3. Decorate the area where you get ready. (I promise it’ll empower you)
4. Buy a journal and WRITE in it.
When you prepare yourself to take on the day look to your vision board and read your list of goals. Pray over them!
I’m not complete yet because honestly Ediva is on a budget and I stick to my budget. More to come……tag me if you get started so I can Pin it! At the bottom of my board you can see it says “Create Your Space”