You’ve spent days and nights praying for a spouse. You’ve spent many nights going on dates, trying to figure out if this is Mr. Right or Mrs. Right. Then bam! You’ve finally found the person you want to spend every single day of your life with. You book the hall, buy the dress, and have your ceremony. Now what?

Once the honeymoon is over and the shock hits. It’s nothing like the movies, books, and Facebook post of marriage you’ve saw.  His clothes are on the floor, her hair is on the sink, he doesn’t take the trash out in the morning, and she’s too tired to cook dinner at night. She’s in bed with facial cream and he’s snoring. You sit and wonder what happen to the gorgeous person you married. The person who stayed up all night partying. The adventurous one, the hilarious one, the one who loved spontaneous sex.  Walton's Wedding

Understand this, that person is still there. They’ve  married you and have become completely comfortable with you. You’re the other half of them, their life partner, and the soul mate they’ve prayed for. So now it’s time to build a future with them. The old is gone, there’s no more I, from now on its us. You have to do everything you did to get them at a higher level. You have to compromise, date, make them laugh, speak positivity into your marriage, and most importantly PRAY! (Unless you don’t believe in a higher power.)  Otherwise it’ll end faster than it started.

Marriage can be a beautiful union if you work for it. You can’t expect this fairytale. Let’s be honest you have double bills, crazy schedules, different goals, and a host of trials and tribulations. You’ll be tested many many times and feel like was this a mistake. Every vow you said on your wedding day will be tested.  Giving up is the easier route but pressing through it makes it the most amazing ride. On the nights when the day was rough you have your spouse to figure it all out with. When your friendships change you have your spouse to remind you that they are your best ally. Always keep love first and you’ll be alright.

Remember “Love is patient, Love is Kind, It keeps no record of wrongs”